Additional Options

Datafuel can provide a range of value added options to assist customers with their fuel facility and system objectives. Many services are surprisingly affordable.

Pre-Load Database

Once a new Datafuel system is installed and commissioned, customers need to program their fleet, user and other details into the WinFMS software. Datafuel can substantially reduce programming time by obtaining relevant data from customers in advance and “pre-loading” the software.

Data Integration

The Datafuel WinFMS software comes with a number of data export options to other applications and spreadsheet as standard. Some customers may however want custom import and export formats for their particular requirements. Datafuel have developed over 100 custom formats for customers to date. 

Custom Reports

The Datafuel WinFMS software comes with up to 30 standard configurable reports in addition to output suitable for spreadsheets. Some customers may however want custom reports for their particular requirements. Datafuel have developed over 100 custom reports for customers to date. 

Cable Testing

Where the condition of cables, particularly those underground is questionable, Datafuel can undertake a series of tests, using specialized equipment to determine the usability of wiring and location of faults. Test results supplied include printed reports.


Basic training is normally provided on site, during original system installation. Datafuel also provide basic training for new personnel when required.  Refresher and advanced training is also available.

Datafuel still come across many customers undertaking manual processes because they are not aware the system can do the work for them through a few simple programming steps. This can be resolved through customer specific and or advanced training.

Technicians assess a customers operational environment and identify a range of Datafuel system functions that may improve efficiencies. The changes are implemented in conjunction with on-site training. This provides a double benefit to the customer.

Course materials are provided.

Consulting and Bureau Services

Datafuel can also provide a range of consulting and bureau services including remote system programming, report generation and notifications.

Datafuel will consult with customers on a case by case basis to identify requirements, potential costs and scope of service.

Project Management

Datafuel can either directly or in conjunction with its business partners install turnkey bulk fuel solutions.