Electronic Consoles

Integrated Tank Gauging

The Datafuel Integrated Tank Gauging (ITG) option enables automation of inventory functions and data transfer into the Fuel Management System.

ITG electronically links the Veeder-Root TLS and Franklin Colibri Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) technologies to the Datafuel console. This enables direct integration with combined notifications and reconciliation reporting.

ITG Features

  • Unattended fuel deliveries requiring only the fuel suppliers tanker driver to be present. (Subject to safety/operational guidelines.) Volumetric delivery transactions are automatically recorded.
  • Automatic and manually initiated dip readings controlled by the Datafuel software.
  • Low-level alarms and or re-order point notifications per tank.
  • Full reconciliation with pump transactions via Datafuel FMS reporting.
  • For ATG system features see Tank Gauging Systems