Bus and Coach

Datafuel systems have been installed at a number of bus companies. Requirements can vary from small operators looking for minimum cost unmanned security through to corporations with national depot networks and integration with onboard technologies.

A particular challenge within the industry are strict government guidelines regarding accurate fuel consumption, odometer and maintenance records.

Bus industry operators sometimes use sub-contractors, particularly when servicing large events. Sub-contractors may or may not have their own vehicles. The Datafuel system has proved indispensible when sub-contractors are involved.

The new Datafuel Vehicle Automation Interface is proving popular providing automated vehicle ID and odometer data transfer yet retaining renowned system flexibility. This includes the handling of contractors and use of additives such as AdBlue.

Typical operations have one or more fixed sites supplemented by occasional use of fuelcard. Fuelcard data can be downloaded electronically and merged with other information, to provide accurate consolidated stock and transaction reporting.

Bus odometer readings can be collected via a number of manual and automated processes. These can be used to trigger integrated Datafuel maintenance software functions or can be exported into other bus company applications.

The Datafuel technology can address these requirements individually or as a total solution.