Electronic Consoles

Vehicle Automation Interface

The Vehicle Automation Interface enables electronic recording of odometer data directly from the vehicle as part of a fuel transaction record.

The Datafuel FMS provides a number of manual odometer data collection options through programmable logic and enforcement levels.

Where a greater degree of odometer accuracy is required, Automated Vehicle Interfacing can be implemented.

The Datafuel Automated Vehicle Interface (AVI) electronically records odometer readings directly from a vehicles instrumentation enabling errorless transfer of data to the Fuel Management System. This can be particularly useful where the FMS is linked to an odometer driven maintenance system.

Calibration is seamless and accurate with minimum cost.

The Datafuel AVI comprises;

1.    A Vehicle Unit (VU) which connects to the vehicles odometer pulse output
2.    Read/Write cards
3.    Read/Write reader

The approach taken provides flexibility to integrate with other on-site technologies, maintain facility usage with casual users (eg. Vehicles without VU’s installed) and incorporate multi pump fuel additive processes.